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550 Milan Drive, Tahoe Reno Industrial Center

Reno's Elevated Future.

Reno is evolving, and the face of the city is changing. Once a humble-yet-glamorous gaming town little in size but big in excitement, the Reno of today reflects a culture of optimism where artisans, startup founders, families and business leaders come together to make up a place unlike anywhere else in the United States.


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The Village at Rancharrah

Tolles Development Company is proud to announce our newest project, the Village at Rancharrah. Opening in 2020, The Village at Rancharrah will blend four-season shopping, dining and office space – all set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada. Learn more about this exciting addition to Reno’s cityscape.

Downtown and Midtown

A vibrant downtown core blends into a trendy yet gritty entertainment district. Tolles Development is helping shape Reno's core through contemporary design and architecture. 

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241 Ridge Street, Suite 410

Reno, NV 89501

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