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The Village at Rancharrah, Reno

Nevada's Elevated Future.

Tolles Development has a focus on acquisition, development, and management of industrial, office, retail, and hospitality property. Our team members have been developing a wide array of product across the country including Portland, Philadelphia, Savannah, Chicago, Reno, and Las Vegas. Our partners range from individual investors to multibillion-dollar pension funds to Wall Street hedge funds. Tolles Development always achieves inventor’s goals while delivering on-time, top-quality product. 


Tolles Development offers a full suite of commercial real estate development services to clients and investors. From site identification, strategic market planning, complex deal structures, construction management, and asset management, the Tolles team has the experience and capabilities to lead even the most complex real estate projects from start to finish. 


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The Village at Rancharrah

Tolles Development’s The Village at Rancharrah opened in 2020. It blends four-season shopping, dining, and office space – all set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada. Learn more about this exciting addition to Reno’s cityscape.

Downtown and Midtown

A vibrant downtown core blends into a trendy yet gritty entertainment district. Tolles Development is helping shape Reno's core through contemporary design and architecture. 

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241 Ridge Street, Suite 410

Reno, NV 89501

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